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The right support at the right time for young people and families

Psychology-led mental health provision. With you at every step. For the journey. 

Who we are

We are a Psychology-led partnership, passionate about intervention at the right time, with the right support for you and your child. That's why our members and partners represent a range of psychological professions. We work in a stepped-care model and match you to the practitioner who is best placed to support your Family and child's goals. This means you will always pay only for the level of service you need. 


Our Fees 


We believe in fair and transparent pricing. If you need to see more than one clinician for diagnostic or neuro-developmental assessment purposes, we will write to you with a quote for an assessment, based on your request for support. Please note that assessments for ADHD or ASD, will require you to see two clinicians in addition to a Psychiatrist. There will be additional charges for report writing to support educational health care plans, and recommendations to teaching staff

Child Wellbeing Practitioners

Assessment £85

Treatment Sessions £65 

Child Psychiatrists

Assessment £795

Follow up 30 min- £150

Follow up 50 mins - £250 

Clinical Psychology

Assessment £195

Treatment sessions: £130

Systemic (family) Therapists

Assessment: £150 - 195

Treatment - £100 - 130

Latest articles

All of our clinicians are dedicated to one vision - we want to make understanding and support as accessible as possible; that's why every month, informed by their work, they write posts in the hope that you can also benefit

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